November 10, 2022

In the past, the logo and packaging defined brands—today, it’s about much more.

A brand is the feeling consumers get when they hear its name. A brand is defined by its story and the values it stands for.

The best brands can be defined by one word—Ford is tough, Nike inspires. Distilling a brand down to be represented by one to three words helps provide a backbone for everything the brand does.

Furthermore, your brand can benefit from utilizing a brand archetype to guide your brand voice and messaging. The goal of an archetype (like the hero or the sage) is to connect with consumers’ identities and desires—to align with who they are.

Add more depth to your brand by identifying a purpose, because people want to feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves. Defining your brand purpose transforms the brand from a commodity to a community.

In the same vein as your purpose, start developing the values of the brand. Values are an effective communication tool that provides your audience with additional means of connection.

Consumers’ tastes have evolved, and brands who create multiple forms of value rule all. Brands have the potential to be something more to their audience, so refine and define your brand for those that it will resonate with most.

(Reach for the sky with your brand.)