April 27, 2023


so we’re going to start with a quick mic check hi I’m Alicia Smith and I work at modern Aid and agency

and I’m Peter Stevenson and I also work at modernate and agency

all right Alicia can you tell us a little bit how you first got interested in marketing and what led you to take over your following students yeah I

think from an early age you know when you’re in Middle School you had to fill out those

papers that said what do you want it to be when you grow up and I I frequently alternated between being a media buyer

in advertising or a fashion buyer so kind of both things that I knew I loved

early on and fast forward I kind of started going

down that path with in college and then took a detour because I got involved in

managing retail stores so Banana Republic and Gap Inc and really fell in love with

managing people and Leadership and of course being around clothes I also got

to be sort of like entrepreneurial in a way and kind of run the store as my own even though I was under corporate

leadership and that took me to New York City did that ran some really big stores there

and came back to Utah had a child and

had some personal things happen and at that point it was really decided time for me to decide if

um spending nights and weekends on my feet away from my child was really where I wanted to be so I actually

um decided to leave and I called up my dad who had been running a brand Agency for

years 10 years I think at that point and said can you please create a

position for me and he had never had someone in the accounts management position at their at the agency and so I

talked him into hiring me I took a pay cut and I spent the first five years just

learning everything I could about branding and

design and websites and all of that kind of stuff and so about five almost six

years ago I bought the business from him and now I act as a managing partner and

creative director that’s that’s awesome yeah I feel like going into like the brand world and

they’re just never ending like there’s always stuff to learn there’s always stuff to learn it’s ongoing it’s an evolution yeah absolutely

um so how do you guys balance your professional family and personal lives as a married couple running a business yeah I can speak to that a little bit

um so we have a lot going on uh we have as you mentioned have the business and then

we have kids and I’m a competitive bodybuilder Peter’s really into weightlifting as well and

and then all just all the other kinds of stuff that come up in life and so I

think really what has helped us be successful is creating structure in our lives and so that means um you know I

hate to say it but like we pretty much time block almost every single hour of the day up into including our very first

hour and we set our alarms for 4 55 and

the first thing that Peter and I do every morning is we get up and we share two cups of coffee together and

we’ve had to put some guard rails in place there not to talk about the

business or to talk about finances or anything like that that’s really just like an opportunity for us to connect as

married partners and then from there our daughter gets up and it’s like boom

let’s go until she gets to school but um we’re lucky that she’s she’s in school

and our older kids are in school so we do have sort of uninterrupted time throughout the work day but as soon as

that we pick her up it’s again like back to the structure of and of like sharing

parent responsibilities we we have days that were each assigned to doing homework we have dinner days that we’re

assigned to do we have like assigned who’s taking you know who’s putting the

kids to bed that night and and then you know write it like we have like about one hour

um post for some down time which we usually watch a show and then we do the

whole thing over again so and in that time also we fit in our gym time and so

it’s required us to be really flexible but I think like creating a structure that can be flexible has been really

what’s allowed us to maintain a good relationship and have a

thriving business and I think the other part of that is that you know when we first joined up as partners running a

business we you know that first six months we kind of eked out kind of what it is that we were going to do in the

business who was going to be responsible for what and and once those lines were

defined we now rely on the other person to do them and so if Felicia needs help

with something that she is typically responsible for she’ll ask me I don’t give advice and the same as vice versa

that’s really helped us to you know not step on each other’s toes and to trust the other person to do their job

essentially and and it’s worked really well yeah I would say one of the biggest reasons I brought Peter on to Modern

natives I hate selling um and that Peter takes care of all the new business that comes through Modern

eight and so it’s a responsibility that I’ve gladly like let him take over and run because he’s

just got that natural Talent so yeah identifying like what our skill sets are and they’re you know the first six

months it sounds like we just had it rolling but we didn’t there was some like stepping on toes and who’s in

charge but like really delineating like who does what and Trust as Peter mentioned I think is really been a key

to success in running a relationship and of business together yeah it’s been

great thanks well it sounds like you guys have a doubt in like a really efficient structure so that’s awesome it’s the

only way yeah yeah we just couldn’t fit it all in if we didn’t it’s all time blocked from 5 a.m till 9 00 PM every

night and so it works really well you know we we have the chance to have fun and be with our kids and family and run

a business and Alicia is really good at like managing those people in the business and and lucky for me I don’t

have to do as much of that I get to work outside the business and do the sales part and so it really actually has

worked out very well in many aspects of Our Lives that we’re able to share

responsibilities and be co-leaders in in business because we do have very

different skill sets and that brings a lot of real positivity to the end result

that we’re trying to bring what are some of the biggest challenges challenges you both have faced and how they overcome

them well I think you know everyone can probably relate to this but the pandemic

was really really tough on our business I remember at the time thinking okay

we’ve still got some projects going on like it wasn’t it didn’t feel like the end of the world or anything I mean it did in the grand scheme of things it did

right for everybody but like for our business it didn’t feel as volatile but

as things kind of progressed I remember a business leader that we follow in our

feet in our industry who said you know for marketing and design like you probably won’t see

the effects of this crisis until maybe a year or two years passed and I would say

it that definitely happened for us you know people or our clients are more

careful about the money they’re spending especially in branding where that’s more like a long-term investment rather than

an immediate return on an investment with marketing and so

um finding you know different I guess services that we can add to our

business so we launched agency which is the marketing arm of modern needs so

what we’ve done is taken the clients that we’ve brought through our branding process and we’re now turning them into

ongoing marketing clients because all businesses need marketing and who better to run the marketing than someone not

really understands and is a brand you know Ambassador for you and so that’s

why we’ve started agency and I would say the other challenge would be because

modern Aid is so project oriented there are Ebbs and flows in cash and so like

thinking through how do we have a steady income

that can sustain us during those Ebbs and flows and so agency and having that

ongoing revenue is going to be is really helping us overcome that challenge anything else to

add to that no no that’s that sounds about right you know having you know and

I would say that one of the benefits of one of the things that happened with you know launching agency was at least

showed went and did the small business program with the Goldman Sachs and they

challenged her to come up with ideas to benefit the the agency and her idea was

to provide marketing services for our branding clients and and it was a hard

lift it took a lot of effort in 2022 for us to get the agency running and you

know a year after we launched we’re finally starting to be profitable and and starting to see some

of the fruits of those labors of you know a year and a half of work and so it’s been it’s been really really fun to

you know put that together yeah rewarding too I would say yeah nice it sounds like they’re like a lot

of moving parts you guys like explain to me like what is Modern Age agency entirely and like the

different products you offer yeah Peter do you want to speak to that you’re a sales guy yeah

so modern Aid is our brand agency we do branding you know brand strategy really

you know some packaging design but really high level the goal of that

agency is to put all the pieces in place for a brand or a company to put their

products and their services you know best foot forward you know how do we

speak to our clients who are our clients how do we talk to them what is the voice that we want to use how do we want to

look and sound and feel in every touch point that we have with our buyers and then agency is the marketing arm that

actually goes and and activates on that so takes The Branding takes the voice all of that and then puts ads out into

the market does you know email newsletters and social media campaigns

and you know some out of home stuff and the goal there is to actually drive

revenue for a client use The Branding and the high ly you know time sensitive stuff that

we’ve learned from The Branding process of who their buyers are and how they’re going to buy and actually get people to

buy so agency is is essentially taking

the stuff that we’ve learned in the brand process and getting clients for

our clients so is it I’m genuinely curious like his so modern day is more like strategy and

uh just the creative and then the agency is like production and putting that into action yep totally that yeah so there’s

definitely some creative that goes into the production you know when we’re designing ads or newsletters

um photo shoots photo shoots you know we feel like brand is really the driver and it’s one of the

things that I think in the last 10 years has really changed in the marketing um you know out there is that it’s

really important for Brands to have a voice have a point of view and have a

look and feel that is recognizable distinguishable and so that’s our goal

with agency is to create all of those marketing assets that really support the

brand and we feel like you know as people that created the brands or helped

refresh a brand who better than to do that because we know just so intimately

that brand and their goals and Their audience and so we wanted to fulfill on that with and there’s a bit of science

to it too of course but it really is mostly We Believe like the really strong

content that resonates with buyers that gets them to purchase rather than like

you know some algorithm foreign

how have you guys adapted the uh how have you adapted your marketing strategies over the years to keep up

with changing technology and consumer Behavior yeah a big part of it is you know

consumers are still people so you know the the real goal is finding the right

place to meet them um you know pretty much you know a lot

of our buyers are have um installations on their computers that

block ads so you know using a a ad online probably isn’t the right place

for for somebody to go so how do we think through where to meet them so you

know podcast advertising is certainly ramped up and and is a is a pretty big driver for a lot of companies both you

know B2B and b2c um and which is new it’s you know it’s really on the last three or four years

the companies have started to monetize podcasts you have other places you know Tick Tock is still

trying to figure out their marketing stuff and social media you know right now Instagram is the place that anybody who

wants to spend ad money on social media is going but I see YouTube shorts coming up and picking up you know they’re

already monetizing their long-form content and the YouTube shorts are getting to a place that that I think

they could overtake you know Tick Tock in the next couple of years as the place that most people want to go especially

seeing so many um you know places Banning Tick Tock in

and of itself the other Technologies you know you see you know mid-journey you see you know chat GPT and and all of

these AI stuff that is popping up the problem with that is that you know

the quality is going to be whatever an AI you know pulls from other places and

then is able to propagate there is going to be great content that comes from that and and but the secret to those sorts of

things is having the right inputs so you know the stuff from The Branding understanding who your buyers are you

know understanding the right question to ask those AIS is going to be as equally as important as you know just asking it

to create a logo for something so you know understanding how to get the right content out whether it’s through AI or

through a designer or I think 99 of the time it’s going to be from both you know

how do we use Ai and a designer to make something exceedingly great rather than just sort of good which is I think what

you would get if you just used AI only or you know maybe even if you just used a designer only finding a way to

accelerate and and utilize all the tools that are available out there is is a big

part of that and then you know I think over the next couple of years you’re going to see algorithms change quite a

bit and how they how they track and how they put ads in front of people in all

the different formats of places that you go um and and I think it’s going to be exciting I’m really excited about what

the next couple of years of advertising and marketing is going to look like and you know especially for small to

mid-sized businesses they’re going to have they’ve had some challenges this last year as as Facebook and you know Google

and some of the privacy concerns that are out there and you know essentially removing cookies all together and so the

targeting has really lowered but I do think that over the next couple of years some of that targeting is going to come

back in a way that that we don’t understand and I think will be pretty beneficial to that small to medium-sized

business trying to reach a very particular audience what about for like B2B and what we’re

doing at modern eat yeah for ourselves one of the things we’ve really tried to do is create

content that’s worth participating in you know events that are are invite only

for our buyers um you know we’re going to do an event here in the next couple of months about

the Jazz Rebrand from last year and and you know the behind the scenes and it’s going to be something that that a lot of

people are interested in just yesterday I got into a fight on LinkedIn about how great The Branding is now versus in the

90s and um you know people do care about that and so like putting together stuff that

people actually care about is going to be a pretty valuable thing we’ve got a podcast that we’ve put out that you know

honestly are generating quite a few listens and and are interviewing people that we are interested in hearing from

and I think that’s resonated really well and so putting out items that are very

very unique and interesting to a to your specific set of buyers allows that

demand gen side to come in them to find you in a way that you don’t have to find them as much so that’s another by

newsletters yeah we have a simple newsletter that we put out every other week that gives really simple branding

and marketing tips and we’ve gotten a lot of good response and feedback from that we’ve been really consistent with

it I would say now for the last year and a half yeah moderate for one thing has

been sending out a newsletter and blogging since you know 2003. so there’s content from you know 20 years ago that

we are able to you know update and revise and and with that long history of

what um what branding and marketing means and you know and that newsletter’s grown

it’s it’s a pretty um you know every time a newsletter goes out I get texts from friends about oh I

love this part about it or I disagree with this or you know it’s a really fun newsletter that goes out every week so

or every other week now yeah we’ve really transitioned from we used to go once a month once a quarter every other

every week last year and now we’re doing every other week so Cadence seems to be good yeah I want to flood people’s

inboxes right right newsletter yeah yep yep it’s called the

eight site so it’s literally they just like eight simple points about marketing or branding and you know one of them is

usually a meme or a quote and just simple some takeaways things to consider

yeah we’ll have to film that after that yeah okay

um but Peter I really liked what you were saying about a AI like rather than just ignore it like it’s here like why

not use it as a tool of how to that’s an interesting

yeah you know when we used to you know five years ago you know we’d always

start every brand process every design brand process with a whole bunch of iterative ideas about what it could be

you know we still want to do that but we also want to see what you know some of

these other AI components can generate maybe there’s an idea or a spark there that’s going to really make the end

result better um you know I I am a Luddite in a lot of ways but I do think that there is an

opportunity with with technology to to use it as a tool and to make your end

result better and I do think that the people who are able to use it as a tool will end up having better work over the

long run than just saying whatever’s in my mind is what is going to be there I preach

um could you guys tell me about either a successful marketing campaign or just your favorite campaign

so like tell me a little bit about that yeah we can talk through one of our longest running clients is ritual

chocolate so ritual came to us about 10 years ago I would say for a

Rebrand on their packaging so we redid their logo and literally everything

um yeah the way you interact with the packaging and how you can you know have

a bite of it and put it away for later which was a big a big component and then just really the story of ritual

chocolate they had relocated from Colorado to Park City and wanted that to

be a really big part of of who they are in the messaging and the story that they

were telling through the look and feel and so we’ve been working that with them for

like I said now about 10 years and just recently they’ve decided they want to

put more money into marketing so now we’ve just signed with them to start

doing their actual marketing so we’re gonna we’re really excited to take sort

of the look and feel and who ritual is and apply that to a brand marketing

standpoint so stay tuned for that yeah it’s been you know at the time the task

was you know how do you make something stand out on the shelf and it it really is the thing that launched ritual Not

only was there packaging you know great but the product inside was unbelievable and so having an opportunity to express

that on the outside that now you know if you go to the store It looks interesting

it’s worth gifting and it you know it is very rare that you

can go across the country and not see it in a little tiny coffee shop um I mean I was in Idaho two weeks ago

at a little coffee shop and they had it in their store and you know like it just the ability of ritual chocolate to

put together a product and a business that has allowed the packaging to shine

and and for us to get to be a part of that has been really great and um yeah we’re excited to continue to

build the brand and uh match all their marketing up with how the look and feel of the packaging and I

also say that with the design it’s been it’s received

a lot of awards which has also provided ritual chocolate a lot of PR opportunity

in reaching new buyers just from spending the time and investment on a

brand that looks just as great as it tastes

that’s that’s super cool I bet that’s got to be a cool feeling to like go into a random car it is yeah we were in like

Pittsburgh not too long or last year and we’re like there it is like this is the most random small little coffee shop

yeah we just walked by to and yeah and you see it everywhere it’s they’ve really done a good job in building their

business and being able to handle and deal with small coffee shops um it’s not easy to handle wholesale for

really small places and to deal with thousands of them but they’ve done a really good job of managing those those

people and and you know as well as handling Whole Foods or across the country and Whole Foods so you know

handling both of those sizes is pretty difficult business challenge we’re excited to help them over the next year

to build out the brand marketing to increase sales and and and help more people find out how great the chocolate

is so awesome how do you Foster a positive

work environment and maintain strong relationships with your clients well I think you know we are in a hybrid

situation and so we’ve definitely had to come up with a new and different ways to

connect with our clients and our employees so I think a lot of that is just really creating a structure for those types of

interactions to happen so for my team I have structured touch base times that

are just a revolving calendar appointment and we have their goals that

we review and go over and you know ways to make them better designers or more or

how to inspire them and so I you know follow up with those goals or modify

those every month we also have structured times for them to collaborate

so you know when we were in an office it was really easy for everybody to kind of

get together and do their sketches for a new branding project but now it’s a

little different you know they’re working from they’re working remotely so we’ve set up those opportunities via

screen share to be able to have those same kinds of work environments you

another digital and we have our our meetings we have a few just random like

times scheduled throughout the week for us to just get together as a team nothing’s got nothing No Agenda but just

to catch up and to have sort of that like typical like office banter talking

about our favorite TV shows or what everyone’s listening to what concepts they’re going to we feel like that’s

really important especially with such a small team and we’ve been really lucky in that we’ve had very low turnover

we’ve had the same core team for four or five years now and I really strongly

feel that you know people want to stay in places that they’re friends with their team and

so it’s a little bit more difficult and challenging to do that because you can really like go through the whole week in

a very siled manner just because design in and of itself is more

um you know you’re just kind of like in your computer in your zone so we’ve had to create those opportunities for that

collaboration and that ego to go away

um and so I’m constantly checking in on them have you shown this to the team

like I’m seeing this now but like what other designers have seen this what feedback do they give you and making

sure that collaboration happens is really important to me and I would say for like our clients additionally like

creating that structure so setting expectations

ahead of the project start and then making sure that we’re aligned on those

expectations all the way through the project so that looks like really structured follow-ups and one-on-one

touch pieces with our clients just to make sure that you know we’re meeting those expectations or exceeding them

throughout the duration of the project because ideally as I mentioned before we really want to turn all of our branding

project branding clients to marketing clients and if we don’t give them high

level service and exceed those expectations all throughout the project then you know they’ll find someone else

to do their marketing and so it’s been a real like high priority for

us to make sure that they’re happy and that we all understand we’re on the same page from start to finish yeah yeah and

the ability to you know have a working relationship with somebody where you

like working with them is probably the most important thing for almost any agency

you spend a lot of time talking and and giving feedback and if you can do it in

a way that you both can come out of it happier and better then you’re going to be able to continue to do good work

there’s a lot of good agencies out there but the the real secret behind any of them is that relationship between the

client and the and the agency and so those companies that can build those

relationships and and maintain a working and positive relationships are going to have better work over the long term yeah

and I’ll just also add to that being just so committed to our clients and

their success I would say that’s one of our biggest whys like why we do what we do is we love learning about our clients

and their pain points and helping to solve those pain points through our creative work and and watching that

success and watching that change happen is just so rewarding to us so I think like that long term

relationship is not just because we like each other but we’re truly invested in

the success of them and it’s why we’ve been working with ritual for 10 years and there’s many other clients that

we’ve had long ongoing relationships with I know you guys said your hybrid is your

like your team of designers and artists are they all local to Salt Lake you know

at one point they were all local to Salt Lake and then over the last few years uh

we’ve had some move so we are hybrid in a true sense or remote

and hybrid I guess we’ve got some that are just never come in because they’re in Knoxville or in Denver or Arkansas

but we do have some that work here in Salt Lake and so those that do work here we try to get them together a couple

times a month at least in person and then if we can get them the other ones to fly

in for some in-person yeah we’ll get together whenever we can yeah whenever we can so

but we really love working here at the shop for the first year in the pandemic we

were just working at home and it was you know so great at Ferguson you know we’re like excited and

I have to leave I can work in my pajamas but both Peter and I are kind of extroverted and yeah

we love being around each other of course but we also really miss just the energy of being around people so the

shop has been really great we don’t come in every day we only come in maybe two or three times a week but it’s so fun to

just feed off of the energy and the and it’s been great for our business too we’ve made a lot of new connections and

We’ve joked around that the shop has the best coffee and so we have a lot of our

like typical coffee dates we just do them here at the shop which is because it’s like so cute and it’s super Breezy

and we like it here yeah and one of the best parts is you know you end up becoming part of community that you know

you may not be working on the same projects together but you know you know what they’re working on you know what they’re doing and and and you root for

their success and and they root for yours and and um you know and there is just

um the vibe here is really great you have so many businesses and and

companies and organizations doing really really good work for the community Utah

Black Chamber you know Pride Center like quality you know quality Utah like all of those places are doing things that

are are really really great and to see them and to be a part of you know their community and what

they’re doing and has been an even bigger benefit than I think I would have even guessed coming here

and I’ll also note it’s really fun to be around when the concerts from SNS Productions

are announced yeah yeah asking them what’s coming up yeah yeah we’re gonna

we feel like we’re in the know we like that a lot yeah let’s see them and ask them what what coming what I should see

that I don’t know about yet and they’re always like oh this show next Wednesday is gonna be great and and you know when

you’re taking them up on it it’s been they’ve found out some really cool new artists so it’s a fun perk yeah that is

a fun perk um what’s you guys favorite things

well besides everything we just mentioned I would say I think the thing I like the most is I really appreciate

the Aesthetics of the shop and um just every I feel like every little

Nook of the shop has been so well thought through the art is just

unbelievable and there’s just the light the natural light and

you know the free coffee is great too what about you Peter I like how you’re downtown I like that

there are so many just good decent happy people here that very rarely do I come

here and I don’t run into somebody I want to sit and chat with and and you know and and find out what they’re

working on and and you know see how they’re doing and it’s it’s been a really you know the environment here is

I think the thing that I love the most um you know I I wouldn’t like it as much

at night when there’s nobody here but when everybody’s here that feels good the advice yeah the management of the

shop I think we have really grown to just really love and adore and and they

make us feel like we’re you know the only yeah clients but I see them do it with

all of everyone that comes in here they’re just everyone’s friends and I think a lot of that is directly

attributed to the leadership here at the shop yeah Ann and Mike and Jen all do

just a tremendous job to you know make people’s day better yeah and build a

community you know we came over here specifically because of Anne and we’ve worked with her before and and we’ve

just been so happy that that all the service that we get and and everything that they do to make our business run

better without having to think about some of the things that you would have to do if we owned our own business our own building yeah

to your point Alicia like uh I think Ann was telling me one time that no matter where you look at the shop like out of

your 360 degree view I think there’s always a piece of our somewhere there are there is

it really is it’s all so good yeah I wanted to buy a lot of it at points but

it’s not for sale as I found out

how do you stay up to date with industry Trends and Innovations

I’d say there’s probably more in in my line I’m I’m ADHD you’re a News Junkie

I’m constantly reading you know adage and you know and and AD week and you

know what’s going on in the greater universe and you know a lot of newsletters from a bunch of different places that are

talking about marketing and what’s out there and and then you know also trying to talk to other you know agency owners

um you know we do run a podcast where we interview a bunch of CMOS in the state and so that gives us an opportunity to

find out what they’re talking about and what they’re interested in and what they’re using um and so like both that in person you

know Word of Mouth type of opportunity and as well as reading you know the trade Publications are pretty important

and then also just kind of what we’re doing ourselves as as an agency and seeing what works for our clients and

for us you know we’re a B2B company and so we do all the B2B marketing for ourselves but then we have so many b2c

clients and so seeing what works for us and works for them and and allows us to you know make better decisions for all

of our clients as as things arise and so um it’s been

um you know both trial and error and and also just a lot of learning and and trying to read as much as we can and try

out a bunch of different things and see what sticks I would say with the team too is you know I’m very passionate

about making sure that they take the time that they need to to be inspired and to feel inspired so for them I

really encourage like a daily practice of you know getting on you know whatever

platform they want to to to look into those design Trends whether it’s like a

newsletter or Pinterest or I mean there’s so many Avenues but I really

make sure that that is something that is a daily part of what they what they do because it’s just it you don’t want to

design something that’s on its way out so that’s something that we’re pretty passionate about is staying up to date

with that um where do you guys see modern day in

like five to ten years what’s your vision for it you know I I think from from where we’re trying to go you know

modern agency are really interested in finding a way to help small and

medium-sized businesses you know grow you know a big part of that is you know one week you know we certainly need to

grow a little bit bigger to be able to handle more and more clients um but I think really it goes back to

that real purpose behind modern a an agency which is to allow other businesses to grow and and how do we

help you know ritual chocolate you know and companies that are small go into

become middle-sized companies and middle-sized companies going to be category leaders and and from that comes

really really smart strategy around who the buyers are really really great creative and smart and targeted

advertising and if we can do those things for our clients you know we’ll certainly grow as well but you know I

think for us it also isn’t about becoming big enough that we are unable

to service those clients well I think we want to be a small agency that helps you

know a certain number of clients really really well and then once they get too big for us then then we move on to

another small client that we can help grow over years and years and so you know I’m not sure what those numbers look like or how we how we live but the

goal really is to stay small enough to help people and but big enough to help a few more of those type of companies

yeah all right last question so you guys have a best kept secret in Salt Lake yeah

to divulge yeah um I went to this like unbelievable

little coffee shop the other day and it’s called cave cafe it’s over on 6th

East between South Temple and First South and it’s a little Turkish coffee

place and they make it you know with the hot sand and they’ve got baklava that is like

the best baklava I’ve ever had in my whole life and it’s in this house and this little old house and you’ve got

like multiple different rooms you can sit in you can sit on the floor and it was adorable and there was like three

people there and I guarantee that if you go there you will have some of the best coffee you’ve ever had and certainly the

best baklava you’ve ever had it was on it was so cute and I am dying to go back

I’m gonna go with Yoko Taco for their incredibly inventive and

very palatable duck those they’re just I’ve never had like a taco that I didn’t

like die over and they’re just such a small little little shop and I feel like

just the Secret’s not out yeah it’s right there down in in Granary

District on third West and so there’s like a couple of pubs close by a couple

of breweries there’s some you know some bars and some other restaurants it’s a

it’s a place worth checking out yeah that’s definitely the best tacos and I mean chungas is probably like a second

close but I think Yoko like has has them beat yeah saying a lot yeah and that

cauliflower tostada that they have there is again really really good so if you go there check that out and Tuesdays I

think it’s like Tuesdays two buck Tacos yeah it’s well worth and two bucks beer yeah like it’s pretty hard to turn down

those type of those type of days you can go eat for 10 bucks and have some of the best food in the city

well thanks so much for taking the time to listen to us we are from Modern eight

an agency Alicia and Peter and that’s agency with an eight in strategy it’s

really cute yeah eight and eight yeah liked it and you can find us at the shop so come by and

say hi have a coffee or a beer we’d love to see you yeah


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