January 5, 2023

Deliberate websites don’t just happen. To attract and retain traffic, a website’s content, design, and experience must converge to reflect the needs of your user.

Flashy sites alone—even if they are coolly designed—just don’t cut it anymore, and neither do wordy websites, which don’t look cool and feel too overwhelming.

Necessary information needs to be instantly presented in a clear and compelling way so you can maintain your audience’s attention while guiding them towards your desired action.

Take a moment to assess your own website and respond to the following: Does your website have clear organization or is it complicated? And what is the bounce rate? Is it low or high? (Remember this: If you confuse them, you lose them.)

Address your site when it comes to design by asking: Is it up to date? And is your user experience simple and clear?

Answer regarding the visibility of your brand’s ethos: Does your site reflect your brand’s current purpose, vision, and values? Can the user identify your competitive advantages within a few seconds? And are you positioning yourself as a leader in your industry?

With your responses to the above, you should be able to understand where you can improve your site. Keep in mind that your site should be keyword rich, relevant to the present, and organized appropriately to align with your customer’s needs.