October 27, 2022

We define branding as a strategic and emotional foundation that builds customer loyalty over time.

Marketing is typically defined as the action of promoting and selling goods and services.

We’ve often been asked if we also offer marketing, and, up until now, we’ve politely declined by stating that we are primarily specialized in brand design, then referring our clients to a marketing agency.

However, we’ve noticed a gap between marketing and branding—they don’t always work synergistically together, and our clients are missing the opportunity to build brand customer loyalty in the short term and over time.

So what did we do? We launched a brand-based, full-service marketing, sister organization to modern8—a8ency.

a8ency is about creating compelling and innovative campaigns that bridge the gap between marketing and design, in order to reach your target audience.

We are also excited to introduce our modern8 audience to a8ency’s Managing Director, Eric Dahl, who comes with years of marketing experience and will be leading the a8 charge. Eric will share his brand marketing perspectives and experiences, which will provide you with insights on bolstering the value of your brand.