How To Hire For Strategy

< The 8sight — Archive March 7, 2024 Hiring an agency for brand work shouldn’t be a quick and easy process. It’s a significant investment of time and money for returns that aren’t immediately visible. Since branding is a long game that will matter beyond the budget, how should your company evaluate who to partner […]

Rebrand or Refresh

< The 8sight — Archive February 21, 2024 A rebrand is not a go-to fix for business problems. The most important strategic tool? Having a brand strategy to help drive your marketing plan. But before you dive into altering it, let’s make sure you’re on the right path. Deep dive and consider the following for […]

2024 and The State of Your Brand

2024 & The State of Your Brand

< The 8sight — Archive January 24, 2024 Your brand is not what YOU say it is, it’s what THEY say it is. Have you stopped to think about what your customers say your brand is? The Modern8 point of view aligns with Brand Gap author Marty Neumeier’s belief—customer perception is everything, but most importantly, […]

Get to the Core of It.

Get to the Core of It: How to Create a Brand Purpose Title

< The 8sight — Archive November 30, 2023 Before you read this, write down a purposeful description of your company in no more than 50 words. Save it, we’ll come back to it. Now let’s get into some different ways to build a purpose. To start, consider posing and exploring these questions to yourself and […]

The Power of Purpose.

The Power of Purpose. Why create purpose-driven content.

< The 8sight — Archive November 8, 2023 By now we’ve all heard Simon Sinek’s quote, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” So WHY revisit this concept? In brand marketing, it remains as important as ever. Consumers aren’t just looking for a product or service that will serve their […]

Knowing Oneself.

Knowing Oneself: How to create a brand archetype

< The 8sight — Archive October 11, 2023 Understanding the importance of a fully formed personality is only scratching the surface within the realm of brand marketing. To truly utilize its potential, your brand should not only understand why it’s important (we covered this in the last newsletter) but how to create and use one […]

Hello Brand, Meet You.

< The 8sight — Archive September 28, 2023 Last week we delved into how and why a clear brand personality serves as a guide for content creators, but understanding how to develop and use one can feel nebulous. To create a brand personality, you need to not only have an understanding of your company’s culture […]

There is Only One You.

There is Only One You

< The 8sight — Archive September 14, 2023 In a social media run world that contributes to content and information overload, it can be a task to create unique and memorable marketing that captures your audience’s attention and holds it. Customers don’t buy experiences and products rationally. They are highly influenced by the way they […]

Hear What Is Said.

There is Only One You

< The 8sight — Archive September 7, 2023 At a8ency and modern8 we view the brand voice as the amplifier of your brand personality. When creating engaging content for your brand, the voice is a necessary component for brand distinction. Oftentimes the brand voice is overlooked within the pillars of strategy for branding and marketing. […]

With Some Feeling Now.

With Some Feeling Now

< The 8sight — Archive August 17, 2023 In our last newsletter, we addressed why a strong brand has a memorable and well-designed look and feel. Now let’s talk about the how. A first and important step is to understand who you are and what emotions you want your audience to feel. This will serve […]