November 30, 2023

Get to the Core of It: How to Create a Brand Purpose Title

Before you read this, write down a purposeful description of your company in no more than 50 words. Save it, we’ll come back to it.

Now let’s get into some different ways to build a purpose. To start, consider posing and exploring these questions to yourself and your team: what motivates our daily work, and is there a deeper significance in what we do?

The culture of your company also influences your purpose. Take a moment to step back and look around you to see how your employees engage with one another, what is hanging on the walls or cubicles in the office, and what types of books and magazines everyone reads.

Storytelling plays a crucial role in building and communicating a brand purpose. So recall those stories that are told and retold around the office or during every presentation, and examine what those stories reveal about your brand’s priorities.

Take time to reflect on the defining moments of your company, like why the business began or how you responded to a big loss or a big win. Your reaction and choices amidst challenges can even help define your core values in addition to your purpose.

Now go back to your 50-word description, pull up the about page of your website, and bring out your mission statement. Compare what you’ve written to what you have read. Do these feel connected to and reflective of your core values, culture, and heart of your brand?

Roasting comes second to this purpose-driven coffee company.

Dish out a brand purpose layered with intention.