September 7, 2023

There is Only One You

At a8ency and modern8 we view the brand voice as the amplifier of your brand personality. When creating engaging content for your brand, the voice is a necessary component for brand distinction.

Oftentimes the brand voice is overlooked within the pillars of strategy for branding and marketing. Through development and regular use of voice, you will more effectively reach your audience in a resounding way that builds trust and a deeper connection.

A brand voice provides perspective into your personality that deepens your marketing content, allowing it to shine and create lasting associations and impressions. When your potential customers read or hear your voice, it should resonate.

Cultivate depth and qualities through your voice that make your brand relatable and memorable beyond the visual design—this is the goal.

When your audience connects with your voice, they will become brand advocates. They will enthusiastically wear your logo or use your tagline. They will market for you.

A defined brand voice is also a beneficial internal tool that can streamline content creation while ensuring cohesion in any or all communications with your internal and external audience.

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

Let your brand voice speak its mind.