October 11, 2023

Knowing Oneself: How to create a brand archetype

Understanding the importance of a fully formed personality is only scratching the surface within the realm of brand marketing. To truly utilize its potential, your brand should not only understand why it’s important (we covered this in the last newsletter) but how to create and use one that resonates with your company and its customers effectively. 

Creating a brand archetype begins with a deep understanding of your brand’s core values, mission, vision, and unique qualities. This self-awareness is your launching point.

Familiarize yourself with the archetypal universe. Explore the different traits, characters, and themes that represent each concept. Which adjectives best embody your brand? 

Don’t force your brand into something that doesn’t fit. Your choice should harmonize and fit naturally within one of the archetypal molds.

Once you’ve selected your archetype, delve deep into its defining traits. If your brand embodies the hero archetype, think about how in your content creation you can exemplify qualities such as courage, resilience, and the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Through storytelling, visuals, messaging, and design, you can integrate these qualities into your marketing. Your voice should be genuine and consistent so that you ensure an emotional connection with your audience.

Try this: List two or three characteristics of each archetype without their titles. Pass this list around to the team and ask them to circle which traits your brand most embodies. Compare the answers and your brand archetype will naturally come to light in a genuine and authentic way.

Wordle your brand archetype into reality.

Archetype Wordle illustration