May 4, 2023

Last week I said you should stop unnecessary spending on SEO. This week I’ll convince you to spend more for great content.

Five minutes ago, I added my email address to a LinkedIn post that had 11,000 comments to get access to a one-sheet of financial basics.

This tool wasn’t particularly well designed or something I was searching for, but I believe it is something that could make me better at my job, life, etc. The value of the content only increased when I saw that someone I respect asked for a copy as well.

Interestingly, had there been only two comments I would have kept scrolling. But witnessing all the interest, number of comments, and feeling the desire to not miss out, I didn’t scroll beyond—I subscribed.

So can you write 50 articles on each and every specific bit of your products and or service in the hopes that it will lead to more search engine traffic? Technically, you can, but just ensure your content is actually worth being read by humans—not to target bots.

Look at two to four pieces of your latest content and honestly ask yourself “If someone else wrote this would I actually share it?”

After reading my last newsletter and using this lens for better content, I’m not sure I would share. Let’s be better then and make better content.

(Now that’s some 🔥 content.)