January 18, 2023

Optimize or Bust Speeding in from the left and braking in the middle. Then speeds off to the right.

Presenting proper messaging while refining the conversion rate optimization (CRO) on your website aren’t passive exercises.

Your messaging should educate customers or clients of two imperative whys: why you and why now.

The messaging must be clear and concise while naturally directing the audience to follow an easy to understand call-to-action (CTA).

This leads to CRO, where the goal is to maximize conversions while minimizing drop-off.

If the average conversion rate is only between 1% – 4%, there is a necessary need to discover how people interact with your site and how you can create a better customer experience.

Your website must continually evolve in order to continue reaching your audience via its messaging and content, which will convert them.

“…usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not just about technology.” – Steve Krug

Cycle of conversion rate optimization. 5 points in a circle to represent a cycle: analyze results, strategize, design, implement changes, learn & improve.