Blacksmith Ice Cream Co. makes bad days good and good days even better. Committed to handcrafting high-quality artisan frozen delights, they stand as a beloved ice cream destination in Utah. In partnership with Blacksmith to refresh their brand, we refined their logomark, introduced a new monogram, incorporated updated illustrations, and crafted a website that mirrors the delightful experiences served in every Blacksmith cup and cone. 

What We Did

Brand Refresh 
Website Design

Insights & Solution

Blacksmith’s previous identity communicates its heritage and tradition. However, we found there was limited brand messaging and a need for consistency across design applications. Without any additional avenues of communication, there is a lack of access to the brand’s story, values, and what sets Blacksmith apart from other competitors. We scooped into action, designing and developing a website that highlights the range of their artisanal products and showcases the steps to creating high-quality ice cream. We forged fresh brand messaging that effectively communicates Blacksmith’s commitment to creating a warm and comforting place where family, friends, and neighbors can gather to celebrate, bond, connect over artisanal smithed ice cream, and create moments worth savoring. 


We whipped up a fresh website that gives customers the scoop on all things Blacksmith, enhancing the brand’s visibility and offering accessibility to the company’s brand story and special offerings.

The identity preserves the brand’s handmade charm and nostalgia while adding a sprinkle of modernity. The site is easy to navigate – unlike choosing your favorite Blacksmith Ice Cream flavor!