Broke Yolk, a premier breakfast spot in Utah, needed a brand that embodied its dedication to building a community around unpretentiously good food. Positioned as the only breakfast spot in Utah worth sitting down or picking up, Broke Yolk’s brand identity seamlessly blends commanding visuals with a personality-filled aesthetic. The design approach, comprised of a primary color palette, clean grids, and dynamic type, not only sustains audience interest but also sparks imagination. The overall visual mood is open-ended, fun, and undeniably graphic.

What We Did

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Insights & Solution

To bring Broke Yolk’s brand to life, we focused on its core values—community and a commitment to providing good, honest breakfast food for all to enjoy. Leveraging a structured and eye-catching aesthetic, we created a brand identity that is both progressive and accessible. The brand elements contribute to a sense of innovation, while maintaining a personality that is cool, inventive, and inspiring. We introduced intriguing geometric expression to the logotype, ensuring it retains a sense of modernity without feeling typical or buttoned up. This aligns with Broke Yolk’s commitment to being imaginative, enhances their ability to convey organized information in a visually appealing manner, and overall contributes to a brand for a breakfast restaurant worth setting your alarm for.

Brand Guide

The Broke Yolk brand guide seamlessly unites all elements that define the brand, establishing a cohesive and unmistakable visual identity. It ensures that all creative materials align with the brand’s vision and maintain a consistent look and feel. The brand guide becomes an invaluable tool for preserving the uniqueness of the brand and fostering a lasting connection with its audience.