Indulge in a Nushtritional treat designed for the health-conscious snacker! Nush offers low-carb snack cakes, firmly rooted in the philosophy that your life should be delicious—without adding sugar. We created a vibrant brand identity for Nush that extends dynamically into packaging design, engaging social media content, compelling advertisements, and more.

What We Did

Brand Identity
Packaging Design

Content Development
Social & Print Ads
Web Design

Insights & Solution

In shaping the Nush brand, we delved into the heart of their identity—the belief that healthy and delicious snacking choices should be accessible to all, from those who choose to be healthy and those who must be healthy. We aimed to infuse their fresh and tasty flavors into a brand bursting with color, empowerment, and top-notch quality. The challenge lay in making Nush not just a healthy snack option, but an approachable and authentic choice that breaks down the perceived exclusivity often tied to health food brands. To tackle this, we sculpted Nush’s brand voice to be a blend of an authoritative speaker and a passionate demonstrator. This fusion allows Nush to share its expertise and innovative products in a way that’s relatable to everyone. By marrying the trustworthiness of an expert with the expressive and visual flair of a storyteller, Nush communicates its brand in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that no one feels left out or intimidated. In essence, Nush Foods isn’t just about healthy snacks; it’s about inviting everyone to savor the goodness without any fancy barriers.

Photo & Video

Nush’s brand imagery goes beyond showcasing their enticing and healthy products. Vibrant photography and videography with an emphasis on storytelling are important in communicating the heart of the brand. Specific lighting, composition, and styling techniques are applied to craft a look and feel that is bold, compelling, and realistic for their audience.

Social Media

Vibrant backgrounds, varied lifestyle imagery, and paper cutouts are all techniques we used to create the “nushy” look beyond the packaging. Our efforts led to a remarkable 1,625% growth in their Instagram followers within two months, accompanied by a 300% increase in sales.

Website Design


We combine striking visuals, dynamic compositions, and a touch of Nush’s distinct brand voice to create ads that capture attention and resonate with the audience, showcasing Nush’s enticing low-carb snack cakes as more than just health-conscious treats; they are flavorful experiences waiting to be enjoyed.