Nestled in the scenic mountains of Park City, Utah, Pink Elephant Coffee Roasters isn’t just about crafting exceptional small batch coffee; it’s a brand deeply committed to responsible sourcing, fair trade, and supporting the local community. We had the privilege of partnering with Pink Elephant to give their brand a makeover that reflects the essence of their striking and delectable coffee. From a refined brand identity to a captivating logomark and thoughtfully designed packaging, we aimed to capture the spirit of Pink Elephant and its dedication to quality and sustainability.

What We Did

Brand Identity Refresh
Packaging Design
Web Design

Insights & Solution

We embarked on a journey with Pink Elephant to reimagine their brand, knowing that a cup of their coffee is more than just a beverage—it’s an adventure. Through a careful, strategic process, we helped determine a brand archetype that would reflect their values of providing delicious coffee while safeguarding the very landscapes where they explore. Using that archetype as a compass, we created a refined brand identity, logomark, and packaging design, ensuring that every element spoke to the heart of Pink Elephant’s ethos.

Packaging Design

Pink Elephant is passionate about Utah’s public land, which is why a portion of every sale goes to local nonprofit organizations that will ensure our public lands will be protected and encourages others to adventure responsibly. Our concept for the coffee packaging features foiled mountain ranges and earthy colors to highlight the appreciative nature of the Pink Elephant brand.

Social Media

Against the backdrop of the great outdoors and with coffee as the focal point, we meticulously crafted a visual system aimed at effectively conveying the essence of Pink Elephant for use in social media and advertising.

Website Design

Brand Guide

We designed a comprehensive brand guide to help ensure Pink Elephant could effectively and seamlessly carry out the look and feel we established for them.