To your Rescu! Rescu is a hangover recovery drink that’s formulated to help beat hangover woes and boost your night out! From branding to packaging and website design to photographic art direction, we developed a brand with a strategy to promote Rescu beyond just a health drink.

What We Did

Art Direction

Website Design
Voice Development

Insights & Solution

Rescu is a specially crafted supplemental drink designed to tackle those post-night-out struggles. Despite its aims to promote responsible fun, Rescu was typically perceived as a health-centric brand. Our mission was to shatter to the stereotype of dull health products and transform it into a remedy for all that felt young at heart. With expansive creative freedom, we strategized and developed a brand that shows it’s playful, responsible, and here for an all around good time.

Photography & Art Direction

Rescu’s brand imagery does more than show off its whimsical packaging. From product shots to lifestyle scenes, we mixed and matched lighting, composition, and styling to serve up the perfect cocktail of relatable fun, excitement, and liveliness. It’s not just a brand; it’s a vivacious, feel-good experience in every snapshot. 

Brand Voice

Our goal was to shape a tone that went beyond a strict health focus. With playfulness in mind, we crafted a voice that aimed to invite and excite the audience while capturing the pregame sensation before a thrilling night out.


Bringing together the brand’s playful graphic elements, we crafted a website that takes you through the twists and turns of a night out. It’s not only user-friendly but a colorful experience with every click and scroll.

Brand Guide

A road map to the Rescu brand, the brand guide is a well-designed tool to ensuring a consistent look and feel across all Rescu brand collateral.


Rescu is a brand that buzzes with excitement—cheers to responsible fun!