Ritual Chocolate is a grassroots company that handcrafts small batch bean-to-bar chocolate using European methods with a modern American style. They are dedicated to delivering exceptional, high-quality chocolate while remaining committed to ethical and conscientious sourcing practices. We worked to elevate their public presence, expand their reach, and engage with their customers through website development, mouth-watering and delectable content creation, art direction, and beyond.

What We Did

Brand Refresh
Art Direction

Website Design
Website Development
Content Development

Insights & Solution

We found that the perception of Ritual was generally positive, characterized by authenticity, premium quality, and a commitment to producing top-tier chocolate. However, beyond just beautiful packaging, the company aspires to make craft chocolate approachable and accessible- a product that can be enjoyed without the perception of it being an unaffordable luxury. Therefore, we worked to showcase and expand the brand through a genuine and engaging story. Through strategic brand marketing, we balanced a playful aspect within the brand’s identity while upholding its core value of unwavering quality.

The Brand Story

Ritual appeals to both craft chocolate connoisseurs and the everyday person in search of delicious, ethically sourced, quality chocolate. It’s a brand story that exudes exceptional and refined taste, imbued with elements of adventure, joy, and intentionality. We designed and developed a website that met their needs of telling their story both visually and verbally.

Photography & Social Media

Ritual’s brand imagery, marked by clarity and striking visuals, effectively elevates the appeal of their diverse product range, creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. We worked to provide photography and art direction, ranging from product to lifestyle photography, along with managing social media and paid ad campaigns.


Newsletters serve as an influential tool in Ritual’s communication strategy, enabling the brand to actively engage and retain their audience, ensuring readers stay up-to-date on the latest chocolate-related updates, spanning from delectable new releases to exciting changes. These newsletters are thoughtfully crafted, combining vivid visuals with artful color-blocking.


Since working with Ritual to help expand their brand, the company has successfully developed a recognizable brand identity, fostered a loyal customer base, and boosted their presence in the craft chocolate community.