Zupas is a restaurant committed to crafting everyday made from scratch soups, spreads, and dressings to delight all. With Zupas as our culinary canvas, we spiced things up—both unifying and expanding their brand’s presence, from brand voice development to digital and print design. The result? A sizzling Zupas experience that’s always fresh, vibrant, and approachable for all.

What We Did

Voice Development

Print Materials
Content Development

Insights & Solution

We found that the perception of Zupas was generally positive, fun, and wholesome. However, the presence of the brand felt generic overall, lacking the distinctive voice, style, and authenticity that would truly set it apart in the bustling culinary scene. Eager to breathe new life into Zupas, we worked to unveil the soul of the brand. Our vision was clear—to create a striking and custom experience that would elevate the Zupas brand, igniting a spark of relevance and clarity that resonates effortlessly with customers. Drawing inspiration from Zupas’ culinary artistry, we devised an immersive brand experience that brings the joy of great ingredients and made from scratch recipes.

Photo & Video

Zupas’ brand imagery is a powerful tool that does more than showcase their variety of fresh ingredients and delicious entrées. Vibrant photography and videography capture the experience of their brand, combining lighting, composition, and styling to show what it’s like to bring home “just made.”


Newsletters are a powerful communication tool for Zupas, allowing the brand to engage, nurture, and retain their audience. Bursting with mouthwatering visuals, these newsletters bring the perfect blend of striking culinary photography and engaging content.

In-Store Signage

Brand Guide

This is where it all comes together. The brand guide captures and unifies the spirit of the Zupas brand, establishing a consistent visual identity, and ensuring that all creative materials will have a consistent look and feel.