February 21, 2024

A rebrand is not a go-to fix for business problems.

The most important strategic tool? Having a brand strategy to help drive your marketing plan. But before you dive into altering it, let’s make sure you’re on the right path.

Deep dive and consider the following for your brand: Does it have a foundation (brand strategy), does it need a makeover (brand refresh), or does it need to be seen in a new and completely different way (rebrand)?

In our last newsletter, we covered what a solid brand strategy is. If you’ve determined your brand has a strategy, then you now have two paths to decide between—rebrand or refresh? What’s it going to be?

If your brand strategy requires reexamination because you have customer perception problems, you have a change in business objectives, or there are new and different market conditions that you need to adapt to, a rebrand is your smart solution. It includes everything, such as the logo, messaging, personality, story, tone & voice, and website.

A brand refresh only involves updating elements of a brand without a down-to-the-core overhaul. A refresh may include changes to visual elements, messaging, or other brand components to ensure relevance for and appeal to the target audience. The goal often is to modernize the brand while retaining its fundamental essence and recognizability—no need to liquidate that brand equity.

So, before you dive into reworking your brand, be sure you understand your options. Most importantly, be strategic and back up your reasoning with accurate information. Don’t base the investment on intuition, be certain it aligns with the right course of action.

Which path are you taking?