February 16, 2023

The ability to access and connect with your customers are a few of the biggest advantages of modern technology, yet so many companies don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

We know marketing endeavors can be costly with ROIs that are not easily measurable. So before spending dough that doesn’t raise interest in your brand, try the cost effective approach—newsletters. The interest is there, if they’ve used your product or service at least once, so delivering regular and useful content to their inbox will continually keep you at the top of their minds when the need (or want) arises again.

Providing engaging and valuable content is the best way to keep the trust building. It’ll strengthen your connection with your customers, keep the competition at bay, and it means you can keep unnecessary sales and promotions to a minimum.

Many newsletter platforms also provide an eyeful of useful information to any newsletter sender. Monitor and gain insight on your customers’ preferences and motivations, specifically, when you look at the newsletters that have garnered the highest response.

Relate to and take the pain away by speaking to legitimate industry pain points as well. To make it come full circle, you should be sure to mention and connect how your product or service’s capabilities help resolve said issues.

And, lastly, to occasionally tease your customers about an upcoming release or sale will result in an immediate sale if you have done a sufficient job at consistently resonating with your audience. After all, you are a business and selling matters.

CTA: Look at your current marketing tactics and determine if a newsletter strategy might be the low hanging fruit you need to act on.

(Everybody wins.)