There is Only One You.

There is Only One You

< The 8sight — Archive September 14, 2023 In a social media run world that contributes to content and information overload, it can be a task to create unique and memorable marketing that captures your audience’s attention and holds it. Customers don’t buy experiences and products rationally. They are highly influenced by the way they […]

Hear What Is Said.

There is Only One You

< The 8sight — Archive September 7, 2023 At a8ency and modern8 we view the brand voice as the amplifier of your brand personality. When creating engaging content for your brand, the voice is a necessary component for brand distinction. Oftentimes the brand voice is overlooked within the pillars of strategy for branding and marketing. […]

With Some Feeling Now.

With Some Feeling Now

< The 8sight — Archive August 17, 2023 In our last newsletter, we addressed why a strong brand has a memorable and well-designed look and feel. Now let’s talk about the how. A first and important step is to understand who you are and what emotions you want your audience to feel. This will serve […]

That Design Feeling

< The 8sight — Archive August 7, 2023 A strong brand has a memorable look and feel, making it easy for your audience to find you, remember you, and become loyal to you. We buy based on emotion but justify with logic. Research into the power of emotion has shown that emotion is largely controlled […]

You Should Advertise on Podcasts

< The 8sight — Archive June 28, 2023 Finding places that your buyers are is getting increasingly difficult and less cost-effective. Chances are your buyers are involved, some way somehow, with a podcast community—from being a devoted and constant listener that follows their hosts on social media to the fair weather listener that tunes in […]

How to Make a Really, Really Good Podcast

< The 8sight — Archive June 2, 2023 Your target audience is interested in your expertise, they just don’t know it yet. They also most likely have 10-30 minutes a week to listen, so give them something to hear. Great content isn’t always the best produced, but it has insight that reaches and targets your […]

You Should Start a Podcast

you should start a podcast.

< The 8sight — Archive May 18, 2023 Creating content that is worth paying attention to is very, very hard, and podcasting is no different. Starting your own podcast isn’t just about having good content, it’s signaling to buyers, industry peers, and others that you know what you’re talking about. We began our podcast, By […]

Make Better Content

< The 8sight — Archive May 4, 2023 Last week I said you should stop unnecessary spending on SEO. This week I’ll convince you to spend more for great content. Five minutes ago, I added my email address to a LinkedIn post that had 11,000 comments to get access to a one-sheet of financial basics. […]

a8ency, modern8, and The Shop

< The 8sight — Archive April 27, 2023 TRANSCRIPT 0:02 so we’re going to start with a quick mic check hi I’m Alicia Smith and I work at modern Aid and agency 0:10 and I’m Peter Stevenson and I also work at modernate and agency 0:18 all right Alicia can you tell us a little […]

You Should Quit Spending Money on SEO

< The 8sight — Archive April 20, 2023 SEO is a long game, and search conditions will change, even six months from now. Unless Organic Search is already a large portion of your traffic, you should rethink where you are spending that budget. I asked ChatGPT what small businesses should do to be found online, […]