March 1, 2023

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In our last email, we shared our thoughts on how newsletters are the low-hanging marketing fruit, so how do you strategically utilize this platform successfully?

Identify those goals — Different campaigns, different goals, so what is the point you want to make? Ranging from a direct sale to building community around your brand, a clear purpose shapes imagery and messaging for its specific audience. This assures success.

Make it visually appealing and consistent — We may be biased when it comes to this, but appearance does matter. The design, layout, typography, and art are an extension of your website and your brand. It should sound like you and look like you.

Create a hook — Using your brand’s voice and a clear purpose, write subject lines that are short, sweet, and catchy. Catch them with no plans of release. If you’re stuck, try A/B testing to see which subject lines garner the highest response.

Provide actual value — While keeping the above points in mind, create content that is useful, compelling, and relevant to your audience. Also, keep those sales and promotions to a minimum so you can maintain the long-term value of your brand.

Keep them coming — Regularly communicate with your audience. Make your newsletter weekly, monthly, or quarterly, especially if you see long gaps between each purchase when you analyze your customers’ habits. Reel them back in and remind them of your value.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

(Mark all as important!)

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