August 17, 2023

With Some Feeling Now

In our last newsletter, we addressed why a strong brand has a memorable and well-designed look and feel. Now let’s talk about the how.

A first and important step is to understand who you are and what emotions you want your audience to feel. This will serve as the foundation for your brand design choices.

Get to know your audience—their preferences, aesthetic tastes, habits, and the like—so you can build a strong connection that engages well with them.

Choose design elements, like colors, typography, and imagery, that support your foundation and appeal to your audience. Most importantly, be consistent with your entire visual identity system beyond the logo.

Iterate and refine. Design is an ongoing process, and you need to regularly evaluate how it can support your brand in the now and in the future.

Create a visual narrative that aligns and helps fulfill your brand story. Imagery is a powerful tool for emotionally resonating with your audience—use it.

An eye-opening (and often least favorite) step is to get feedback from your audience. The insights you gather will be an asset to helping you determine if you must reshape, rethink, and renew your design in order to support your brand’s goals and vision.

When you’re on target, you’ll get to the heart of it.

a heart at the center of a dart board