June 28, 2023

Finding places that your buyers are is getting increasingly difficult and less cost-effective.

Chances are your buyers are involved, some way somehow, with a podcast community—from being a devoted and constant listener that follows their hosts on social media to the fair weather listener that tunes in periodically but always comes back.

Podcast listeners find time to listen, even in the midst of doing something, so fast-forwarding is trivial and most people tend to listen to the ads.

The opportunity to have the host segue into and read your ad makes it less likely to be unheard and more likely to be trusted. So, why not do it?

Become the earworm that’s associated with your buyer’s favorite podcast, and, though it will take a few listens before they take action, remember that they will.

Consider adding a brand audio identity to your ad. You’ll continue to become memorable whether listeners are completely tuned in or out.

What are 5 podcasts associated with your target buyer?

(It’s okay, we’re all easily influenced.)